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British Railway Steam Locomotive

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Note: To Obtain Consistency in the Steam System, Shed Codes used are those Registered at Nationalisation on 1st January 1948
2nd Grouping Number
1st Grouping Numberlms 10646
2nd Pre Grouping Number
1st Pre Grouping Numberlyr 1049
Works/Lot Number 47
Class CodeLYR5
BuilderHorwich Works (LYR/LMS/British Railways)
1948 Shed26C Bolton
Last Shed15D Bedford
Disposal detailsLoom Albert, Spondon.
DisposalCut Up
Disposal Date31/07/1959
NotesStored at Badnell Wharf Mar 1959

Class Information

Introduced 1889. Aspinall LYR Class 5 with 2 tons coal capacity. 2P.
(a) Introduced 1892. Locomotives with smaller cylinders.
(b) Rebuilt from 1898 with longer tanks and 4 tons coal capacity.
Some locos rebuilt with Belpaire boiler from 1910. (c) = (a) and (b).
(d) Introduced 1905. Hughes locos with Belpaire boiler & extended smokebox.

Loco 55 tons 19 cwt Driving Wheel: 5' 8"
59 tons 3 cwt (b)(c) Boil Press: 180lb/sq in NS
Cylinders: Two Valve Gear: Joy (slide valves)
18" x 26" (inside) TE: 18,955 lb; 18,360 lb (a)
17?" x 26" (inside) (a)

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