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Rail UK PC Tops - What's New



PC Tops has undergo a radical change and become an internet based on-line subscription based service, which is now available

Facilities available:

  • Current Loco Allocations along with Build Details, Builder, Loco Names, Withdrawal Details, All Renumberings; Depot, Pool and Livery Details.
  • Unit and Coach Allocations.
  • Many Reports for all areas of the site, including current loco, unit and coach allocations, sighting reports for loco, unit and coachs seen and not seen
  • Photograph Recording - enter your list of photographs - Negatives, Slides or Digital. The is a searching facility to search your lists photos.
  • Simple one-click to record your sightings for Loco, Unit, Coach and Wagons.
  • Record your journey and haulage details for Loco or Unit

This will mean that the PC Tops Data is always up-to-date - no more manual updating required. It will also contain many downloadable reports in various formats including Excel (csv) and text. You will be able to specify the report you require, sort it into any order then search and download.

The latest additions are to depot, sector, livery, builder. When you click on a link for any of these (say livery) details of the livery will be shown along with a photo of the livery if available AND all locos with that livery - example for livery EW.

You will have your own sightings area, but with the added advantage of seeing other users sightings - view a class or individual loco sightings, check a specific location for any date(s), etc. Set a 'loco watch' to see when and where other users have seen a particular loco.

Free data conversion of all sightings data for existing users who have the PC TOPS desktop application

Register and try out the system free of charge

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