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LNER Class Gresley London & North Eastern Railway A5/2 4-6-2 Tank

Built 1925-26. Designed by Nigel Gresley.

Total Number Built 13 - Total to BR 13.

A5/2 Introduced 1925. Gresley Post-Grouping London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) development of Robinson Great Central Railway (GCR) Class A5/1 design, with reduced boiler mountings and detail differences.

A Total of 44 Class A5 engines were built, 31 by Robinson (Class A5/1) and 13 by Gresley (Class A5/2).

Number Series 69830-69842.

Sub Classes:

A5/1 69800-69829 Total 30.
A5/2 69830-69842 Total 13.

Built at:

GCR Gorton Works - Total 31.
Hawthorn Leslie & Co. - Total 13.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

Gorton Works constructed the first ten locomotives of this class in 1911. They were built to replace the Atlantic tank engines of GCR Classe 9K and Class 9L on the developing suburban traffic on the Great Central/Great Western joint line out of London Marylebone.

A further six locos were constructed in 1912 and five more followed in 1917.

The class was selected after grouping by Gresley to fulfil an urgent need for large passenger tank locomotives in the Middlesbrough area of the North East of England. Thirteen locomotives were built by Hawthorn Leslie in 1925-26. The new locomotives, designated Class A5/2, differed from the original Robinson version by way of a reduced height chimney, dome and cab roof. Coal and water capacity was also reduced.

Following nationalisation the GCR engines were classified as Class A5/1, while the Hawthorn Leslie locomotives became Class A5/2.

All Class A5/2 locos were allocated to Darlington at Nationalisation in 1948.

The Gresley engines had all been withdrawn by 1958, but the original Robinson engines (except one) lasted until 1960.

The first loco withdrawn was ??? on ??? from ??? shed.
The last loco withdrawn was ??? on ??? from ??? shed.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 90 tons 11 cwt
Driving Wheel: 5' 7"
Cylinders: Two 20" x 26" (inside)
Boil Press: 180lb/sq in Su
Valve Gear: Stephenson (piston valves)
TE: 23,750 lb
Number Series

Class Total: 13


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