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LNER Class Sentinal London & North Eastern Railway Y10 0-4-0 Tank

Built 1930. Designed by Sentinal Co.

Total Number Built 31 - Total to BR 31.

Introduced 1930. Two-speed geared Sentinal Wagon Works design double-ended super-Sentinal tram locomotive.

Number Series 68186-68187.

Built at Sentinal Wagon Works.

The two engines were at first used on the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway and later of the Yarmouth quayside lines.

No. 8187 did not survive long enough to receive its BR allocated No. 68187.

The first loco withdrawn was 68187 on 13 August 1948 from Yarmouth South Town shed.
The last loco withdrawn was 68186 on ??? 1952 from ??? shed.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 23 tons 19 cwt
Driving Wheel: 3' 2"
Boil Press: 275lb/sq in Su
Cylinders: Four 6?" x 9" (inside)
Valve Gear: Sentinel (poppet valves)
TE: Low gear 11,435 lb; high gear 7,965 lb
Number Series

Class Total: 3


Allocation and Withdrawal Details

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