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LNER Class Worsdell T W North Eastern Railway Y7 0-4-0 Tank

Built 1888-1923. Designed by T W Worsdell.

Total Number Built 24 - Total to BR 2.

Introduced 1888. T W Worsdell North Eastern Railway Class H design. Both survivors built 1923.

Number Series 68088-68089.


NER Gateshead Works 1888-1897 - Total 19.
LNER Darlington Works September 1923 - Total 5.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

The Y7, 0-4-0Ts, were, one of the smallest locomotives produced by a main line railway, and amongst the last to be fitted with the radial valve gear invented by David Joy.

From 1929, disposals to industrial companies for dockyard work took place.

At Nationalisation in 1948, both locos were allocated to Tyne Dock shed.

68088 was transferred to Departmental stock by BR for use at Stratford where it was allocated No. D34 but not carried.

68089 worked the last passenger train on the North Sunderland Light Railway on 29 October 1951 and became redundant, being sent to Gateshead shed where it was placed in store.

Both locos were sold in 1952, 68089 to a firm of contractors who were building an outfall sewer alongside the West End Pier at Morecambe promenade and was noted standing on the promenade on 24 February. The journey from Gateshead had been made by road starting on the 14 February.

The first loco withdrawn was 68089 on 25 January 1952 from Gateshead shed.
The last loco withdrawn was 68088 on ?? December 1952 from ??? shed and sold to the National Coal Board.

Loco 68088 is preserved as LNER No. 985 on the Great Central Railway, and had an interesting history:

Although the design of the Y7 originates from 1888, No. 985 as it was originally, was built at Darlington in 1923. A batch of 5 was turned out from Darlington in September 1923 and No. 985 - as it then was - was sent to Alexandra Dock Shed at Hull. The dock had been opened up in the early years of the present century and was the only example of co-operation between two deadly rivals - the North Eastern and the Hull and Barnsley railways. Eventually, the North Eastern took over the Hull and Barnsley in 1922 - much to the displeasure of many Hull people - and Alexandra Dock became a purely North Eastern preserve.

No. 985 remained at Alexandra Dock until June 1937 when it was moved to Dairycoates shed, at the West end of Hull, still for use on dock shunting. It moved to Tyne Dock, South Shields, at the outbreak of war. In June 1943, it was moved to Stratford Locomotive Works in East London - a most unusual transfer, as it was rare for locomotives of North Eastern design to be stationed off their own system. Evidently, it found the surroundings at Stratford congenial for it remained there until withdrawn from running stock in late 1952. During this time, it was renumbered to 8088 in October 1946 and to 68088 in October 1948.

Even then, it had not seen the last of Stratford, as it was retained in departmental stock as number 34. In November 1952 it went to the National Coal Board at Bentinck Colliery, Nottinghamshire from where, in 1964, it was sold to the Y7 preservation Fund who stored it at a farm in Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire. In July 1975, it was rescued from the barn and arrived in Loughborough that November, complete with a spare boiler. It was steamed again on 22nd October 1983 and has seen occasional service since then giving brake van rides in Loughborough Yard on special occasions.

The boiler certificate expired in July l993. 68088 was moved to Quorn and Woodhouse on March 6th 1994 and transferred to GC(N) Ruddington for display. It has since been retubed, and returned to traffic in May 1997 as LNER 985. Vacuum braking equipment was added shortly after, enabling the engine to be used on passenger services.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 22 tons 14 cwt
Driving Wheel: 3' 6?"
Boil Press: 140lb/sq in NS
Boil Dia: 3'8"
Tube Area: 448 sq ft
Firebox Area: 57 sq ft
Grate Area 11.3 sq ft
Cylinders: Two 14" x 20" (inside)
Valve Gear: Joy (slide valves)
TE: 11,041 lb
Coal Capacity 6? cwt
Water Capacity: 500 gallons
Length: 20' 4"
Wheelbase: 6' 0"
Number Series

Class Total: 24


Allocation and Withdrawal Details

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