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LNER Class Holden S D Great Eastern Railway F7 2-4-2 Tank

Built 1909-10. Designed by S.D. Holden.

Total Number Built 12 - Total to BR 2.

Introduced 1909. S D Holden Great Eastern Railway (GER) design.

Designed for light branch work, they were known as 'Crystal Palace' tanks owing to their large glass window cabs.

Number Series 67093-67094.

Built at ??? Works.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

Both locos 67093 and 67094 were withdrawn on 8 November 1948 from St. Margarets shed, Edinburgh without acquiring their BR Numbers.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 45 tons 14 cwt
Driving Wheel: 4' 10"
Boil Press: 160lb/sq in NS
Cylinders: Two 15" x 22" (inside)
Valve Gear: Stephenson (slide valves)
TE: 11,605 lb
Number Series

Class Total: 12


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