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Brush/BR/EWS/DBS Class 60 Diesel No 60044 at Cardiff 2016

Brush/BR/EWS/DBS Class 60 Diesel No 60044 at  Cardiff 2016

British Rail/Brush Traction/English Welsh and Scottish Railway/DB Schenker Class 60 No. 60044 DOWLOW at Cardiff Central on 3 June 2016 in Deutsche Bahn Cherry Red livery. It was originally named AISLA GRAIG on 30 July 1991; the name was removed on 31 January 1996. It was again named AISLA CRAIG on 1 March 1996 until being unnamed on 31 August 1997. It was subsequently renamed DOWLOW on 16 September 2015 (in honour of Hope Construction Materials Dowlow Quary in Derbyshire). The Class 60 is a class of Co-Co heavy freight diesel-electric locomotives built by Brush Traction. They are nicknamed Tugs by Rail Enthusiasts. In June 2007 EWS was acquired by DB Schenker, a wholly owned subsidiary of the German railway company, Deutsche Bahn AG. Since working for EWS/DB Schenker, Class 60s have typically been employed on stone, aggregate, ballast and petroleum traffic and also on steel trains. By 2009 many Class 60s were in storage, with only fifteen in operation at any one time In June 2014 it was reported that 10 locos were sold to Colas Rail. The numbers are 60 002/021/026/047/056/076/085/087/095/096.

Date Photo Taken 03/06/2016
Uploaded 28/08/2016
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