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Trainspotters Near Clapham Junction 1952

Trainspotters Near Clapham Junction 1952

A group of trainspotters wave excitedly as a steam engine passes by just west of Clapham Junction, looking north towards Battersea Rise across the wide cutting.

Typical of the period, all the spotters are wearing their school uniforms of blazers, short trousers, long socks and peaked caps.

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Date Photo Taken c1952
Uploaded 15/05/2013
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Steve G said on the 19/11/2014: Comment
I think the location is just west of Clapham Junction, looking north towards Battersea Rise across the wide cutting there. Pub is still there.

Simon Bradley said on the 29/01/2015: Comment
That's correct. The exact location is near the top end of the drive into Emanuel School. I was at this school between 1976 and 1980, and the train-spotting hobby was still flourishing then. Boys who took spotting seriously were allowed to sign up for a special pass which allowed access to this end of the drive, from which it was possible, by dashing back and forth, to see the trains passing on both the Brighton and the South Western lines. The boys in the photo are quite close to this optimum location. I could go on at great length about all this.. But to keep it brief: short trousers had of course been abolished for secondary schools by the 1970s, but the first and second forms still had to wear caps. We hated these, not least because the boys of the school next door used to try to snatch them as trophies. Mid-way through the summer term of the second year, it was announced without warning that caps were to be abolished immediately. If you had been at Clapham Junction that evening, you would have seen quite a few boys skimming their caps out onto the tracks, hoping to see them cut in half by a train or catching fire on the live rail. Another discarded cap was skewered on the railings in the photo, the remnants of its viscose lining still smouldering where it had been set on fire.

Hugh Betterton said on the 03/03/2015: Comment
This is taken from Emanuel School driveway on Battersea Rise. A favourite haunt of many of the younger boys for many years. Don't think it still happens, though ...

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