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The Image Gallery section of the site contains information on all images held on the site.

The image search facility allows you to search the image database by image type and/or search keyword.

The image types are presently divided into the following sections, each of which are sub-divided: Post 1948 Steam Loco, Pre 1948 Steam Loco, Steam Loco Drawings, Steam Sheds, Diesel/Electric Locos, Engineers, Lines, Named Trains, Pre 1948 Railway Companies, Stations, Railway Works and Miscellaneous. Further sections will be added in the future.

For example, leaving the image type as 'All Images' and entering 1000 in the search box will display all images having 1000 contained somewhere in the picture data subject or file name or image description notes fields of the database. Note at present, only a few images have image subject and image description fields. In the future you will be able to find images for a particular loco by entering No. and the number - for example: No. 1000 ; or class by entering Class 87

You an also enter search keywords (or part words) such as: 0-6-0, 0-6-0PT, cambrian, stanier, pancras, 68a, etc.

If you select a particular image type, the search (with our without a search keyword) will be restricted to that type.

If you leave the image type as 'All Images' and the search box blank, all images will be displayed, 10 images to a page. There are presently over 2,000 images in the database.

Image Search

The search results will display the following information: Preview (thumbnail) Image, Image Subject, File Info (width, height and size in Kb) and Notes. Clicking a thumbnail will display the full sized image in a new window.

Image Search (Text)

The search results will display only the Image Subject on a single row, 100 rows to a page. The picture data is also a link and when selected will display a single image thumbnail preview, Image Subject, File Info (width, height and size in Kb) and Notes in a new window. Clicking the thumbnail will display the full sized image, again in a new window.

Also, the image database is access indirectly by most other sections of the site. For example, the Steam section will extract images pertaining steam locos, sheds, classes, etc.

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