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Album: The Story of Woodham Brothers Ltd and Barry Scrapyard

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SR/BR Maunsell Class U 2-6-0 No. 31625 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966

SR/BR Maunsell Class U 2-6-0 No. 31625 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

Southern Railway/British Railways Maunsell Class U 2-6-0 No. 31625 at Woodham Brothers scrapyard, Barry, Wales on 18th August 1966. Built at Ashford Works

in March 1929, it was withdrawn from Guildford shed in January 1964. It is preserved at The Watercress Line, the marketing name of the Mid-Hants Railway -

http://www.watercressline.co.uk/ and is currently stored awaiting overhaul.

The first 20 members of the U class were rebuilds of the K River class 2-6-4 tank locomotives, one of which was involved in the Sevenoaks railway accident.

The SR U class were 2-6-0 Mogul locomotives designed by Richard Maunsell for passenger duties on the Southern Railway. The class represented the

penultimate stage in the development of the Southern Railway’s mogul family, which improved upon the basic principles established by GWR Chief Mechanical

Engineer George Jackson Churchward for Great Western Railway locomotives.

A schoolboy trainspotter wearing his school uniform of peaked school cap, shirt, tie, pullover, blazer, short trousers and knee socks and poses for a photo in the locos cab. By 1966, school caps and shorts were no longer worn by the vast majority of boys, only public and grammar schools hanging on to them.

Date Photo Taken 18/08/1966
Date Uploaded 23/06/2014
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Steam Loco Information for SR/BR Maunsell Class U 2-6-0 No. 31625 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

Steam Loco Class Information for SR/BR Maunsell Class U 2-6-0 No. 31625 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image


Steve said on the 06/04/2015:
I so recall my visit to Barry in 1967, and I remember it with great warmth and detail, although it was nearly half a century ago! I was eleven, and I remember the precautions my mother took for the visit with my father: old shoes, shorts and sweater...and a rug on the back seat of my dad\'s car! I am impressed with how smart the (mid-teens?) boys look in their uniforms but why are they so attired in the middle of the school holidays? I went in the November with sweater and anorak with one sock up and one down! Scruffy or wot? -------------- Reply Hi Steve, It was a special out of school visit by the third and forth forms of a public school railway society during the summer holidays on a very hot day in August 1966. The school were very strict about any out of school visits and one had to wear full school uniform on all trips away from the school. Short trousers and caps were mandatory for boys up to the fifth form when wearing the school uniform, whether in or out of school. The boys on the visit were mainly aged between 14-15, with the odd 16 year old; the boys in the photos are aged 14-15. I found an article on the internet which stated that public schools such as Dauntseys, Bryanston, Sedbergh, St Bees and others kept short trousers for boys of all ages until about 1970.

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