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BR/GWR Churchward 2-6-0 Class 4300 No. 5322 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966

BR/GWR Churchward 2-6-0 Class 4300 No. 5322 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

BR/GWR Churchward 2-6-0 Class 4300 No. 5322 at Woodham Brothers scrapyard, Barry, Wales on 18th August 1966. Built at Swindon Works in August 1917, it was withdrawn from 86G Pontypool Road shed in April 1964 and sold for scrap to Woodham Bros of Barry in South Wales.

Miraculously, as the sole surviving early 43xx sent to Woodham Brothers of Barry that avoided the cutter's torch, this gem was spotted there, and by 1969, after considerable persuasion need to secure its release and was acquired by a Didcot Railway Society member. It was the first ex-Great Western locomotive to leave the scrapyard for preservation, it was towed to Caerphilly in 1969. There, a small but devoted band of members of the Society's South Wales Group restored it, in the open, to working order.

The move to Didcot took place in 1973, she continued to be used on open days until around 1975 when she was stopped for various reasons. The owner at that time believed that items of historical value should not be restored, but maintained in the condition they are in. This meant that the engine stood as it was, static display only. It then passed into the ownership of the Society, this done a fund was started to restore the engine. Thus since the early 90s various bits have been overhauled, the cab was completely refurbished, the wheels and motion have been tended to, the boiler has been removed and the tender stripped down. Slowly the engine was returned to its 1919 appearance until she was finally ready to return to traffic in November 2008.

In November 2011 the locomotive was disguised as Russian locomotive and starred in a film version of Anna Karenina. In May 2012 she was turned out in BR black livery.

The class was introduced in 1911 to a G.J. Churchward design. 342 were built until 1932. They were initially numbered in the 4300-99, 5300-99, 6300 - 6399 and 7300 - 7321 ranges. The 4300 Moguls were the maids of all work on the GWR network and later the Western Region of British Railways. Employing a Standard number 4 boiler and the support struts similar to those fitted to the '2800' class, the class very quickly earned an excellent reputation in its ability to handle most types of traffic, from local stopping goods to main line expresses.

After the first twenty locomotives were built, the frames of subsequent engines were lengthened by 9 inches at the rear to give better access for maintenance as well as providing more room in the cab. Of the class 88 were withdrawn in the 1930s, and the wheels and motion of 80 were used for the Grange Class and 8 for Manor Class engines. The advent of the Second World War in 1939 brought a halt to the conversions. 5322 preserved in WWI Railway Operating Division khaki livery

Eleven examples of the class were transported to France during World War I in the service of the Railway Operating Division of the British Army and these were 5319 - 5326 and 5328 - 5330. One of these survives in preservation. Of the 342 engines built only two have been preserved.

Date Photo Taken 18/08/1966
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Steam Loco Information for BR/GWR Churchward 2-6-0 Class 4300 No. 5322 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

Steam Loco Class Information for BR/GWR Churchward 2-6-0 Class 4300 No. 5322 at Woodhams Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

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