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Diesel/Electric Locomotive Information


Information is up-to-date to September 2015

Class 86/6 Number 86620

Current Allocation Details






W - Withdrawn from Service


DHLT - Freightliner - Stored/Surplus/not in UK Main Line Use


FG - Freightliner Green - Green with Yellow Cabs and Large Reflective Freightliner Logo


Doncaster Works (GNR/LNER/British Railways)



Works Number

86620 Named: 02/10/1998

Philip G Walton

86620 Notes

Withdrawn due to fire damage



Disposal Date


Disposal Details: Scrapped

Ron Hull, Rotherham

86620 Renumbered

From 86420 on 20/05/1989

86420 Renumbered

From 86320 on 01/12/1984

86320 Renumbered

From 86020 on 13/04/1980

86020 Renumbered

From E3114 on 31/12/1973

Images for Loco 86620

English Electric Class 86/6 Nos.86620 and 86609 Showing Fire Damage at Crewe Bas
Date Photo Taken: c2007
Date Uploaded 25/01/2014
Image Owner/Copyright: Joe Collins
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Fire damage on English Electric Class AL6 86620 formerly Class AL6 E3114 at Crewe Basford Hall circa 2007 in FreightLiner Green livery. Built at BR Doncaster Works and released into traffic on 27th September 1965, this FreightLiner loco was withdrawn due to the fire damage in February 2007 and scrapped by Ron Hull, Rotherham in June 2007. 86609 formerly E3102 is still in service in the DFNC Pool, Freightliner Crewe Electric Class 86/6.

Thanks to Joe Collins for the photo.

BR AL6 Class 86/3 86320 (E3114, 86020, 86420, 86620) at Newton on 26 April 1984
Date Photo Taken: 26/04/1984
Date Uploaded 19/04/2014
Image Owner/Copyright: Peter Hoggan
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Built by BREL Doncaster in September 1965; here 86320 - with SAB resilient wheels and 100mph capability, but still with multiple working couplers - runs down light engine.

Latterly a Freightliner loco, it was withdrawn in February 2007 following fire damage and scrapped in June 2007 at Ron Hull, Rotherham.

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