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The Reshaping of British Railways
by: British Railway Board
publisher: Collins, published: 2013-01-31
ASIN: 0007511965
sales rank: 287647
price: £3.33 (new), £3.08 (used)
The Reshaping of British Railways is a piece of railway history every dedicated enthusiast will want in their collection. Bradshaw's Guide has given birth to a wave of nostalgia for our Victorian and Edwardian railway systems. The Reshaping of British Railways, another facsimile which will fascinate train buffs, is the document that decimated these systems forever. With the British Rail company's failure, by the early 1960s, to stem the network's huge annual losses, the government turned to Dr Richard Beeching. He was to save money by recommending the cutting of redundant routes and services. His two reports, The Reshaping of British Railways (1963) and The Development of the Major Railway Trunk Routes (1965), were published by the British Railways Board in 1965, and offer a fascinating snapshot of our nation's railways. In the first part of this historic facsimile, Dr Beeching identifies the 2,363 stations and 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of railway line for closure - over 50% of all stations and 30% of route miles. The second part recommends a small number of major remaining routes for significant investment.Well documented nationwide protests resulted in the saving of some stations and lines, but the majority were closed as planned and Beeching's name is to this day associated with the mass closure of railways and the loss of many local services in the period that followed. Now, for the first time, this iconic piece of railway history is available in its entirety, complete with the original tables and maps of routes deemed fit for closure.
British Railways Diesel Traction Manual for Enginemen
by: British Railways
publisher: British Transport Commission, published: 1962
sales rank: 715227
price: £5.00 (used)
271pp, illustrations in b&w with a handful in colour. The working document for those working on diesels.
British Railways Rule Book 1950
by: British Railways
publisher: The Railway Executive, published: 1950
sales rank: 1122741
price: £14.99 (used)
small black hardback approx. 11x14.5cms. 274 pages plus index. RULES for observance by employees. ref BR87109
British Railways Mark 1 Coaches (Pendragon Books)
by: Keith Parkin
publisher: Atlantic Transport Publishers, published: 1991-11-29
ASIN: 0906899494
sales rank: 874368
price: £200.47 (new), £49.99 (used)
235pp heavily illustrated with line drawings, and b&w and colour photos. Plenty of text.
The Reshaping of British Railways by British Railway Board (2013-01-31)
by: British Railway Board
publisher: Collins, published: 1789
ASIN: B01LPD6018
price: £61.32 (new), £46.97 (used)
by: British Railway Board
publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, published: 2013-01-31
sales rank: 9746375
price: £18.47 (new), £9.92 (used)
The Reshaping of British Railways is a piece of railway history every dedicated enthusiast will want in their collection.
The Reshaping of British Railways by British Railway Board (2013) Hardcover
by: British Railway Board
publisher: Collins
sales rank: 2024814
price: £14.15 (new), £9.30 (used)
Railway Grouping System Map of the British Isles 1923
by: Railways Act 1921
publisher: Old House, published: 2010-01-01
ASIN: 187359089X
sales rank: 862876
price: £6.39 (used)
British Locomotives Multiple Units (Spotters Companion)
by: National Railway Enthusiasts Association
publisher: Nat.Railway Enthusiasts Assn, published: 2002-12
ASIN: 0906439140
sales rank: 2441760
price: £5.95 (new), £0.01 (used)
British Railways Illustrated Yearbook 2013
by: British Railways Illustrated / Irwell Press
publisher: Irwell Press Limited, published: 2013
sales rank: 2710698
price: £10.00 (used)
Contents include: Old London by the Sea, Clover and Lea, Ireland - North & South, Thirties File, Take a Hike, British Built, Stranger in Town, Britannia Ruled, Steam Across the Regions, The Last Years of Industrial Steam, Counties Late in the Day, War Report, Modelling Moment, Beatties Home and Away, Scottish Sentinels, Up in the Hills, Deltics in Demand, Sixties Scottish Steam on Shed
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