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The Railway Observer: Vol. XXXV, 1965, No. 431 - No. 442 [12 Issues]
by: The Railway and Correspondence and Travel Society
publisher: The Railway and Correspondence and Travel Society, published: 1965
sales rank: 266754
price: £37.60 (used)
Railway Recollections - Transport Poster No.05 - Southern Railways, Lyndhurst, New Forest (SR, Steam Engines, Trains)
published: 2010
sales rank: 464838
Railway Transport Poster No.05 - Southern Railways - Lyndhurst. Fine Art Prints - Reproduced from Original Early Railway Posters. The Railway Poster came of age in the early part of this century and was in its heyday between 1910 and 1947. The halcyon days of the 'Golden Age of Steam' are captured in these copyrighted Fine Art Prints which depict some of the finest Railway Art ever produced. These reproductions of the originals from a bygone era offer you an excellent opportunity to capture the image and provide an everlasting reminder of this nostalgic era. Size 11.75" x 8.25" (30cm x 21cm) with an average white border of 0.75" (2cm). Average picture area is 11" x 7" (28cm x 18cm). Produced to fine art quality on Royal impression 170 gram matt art board which gives that 'weathered look' and provides excellent anti-glare properties when framed. For the discerning enthusiast, the white border can be trimmed to produce an exact full colour replica almost one-third the size of the original railway poster. Each poster is suitable from framing with a white border and designed to fit any standard A4 picture frames which are easily obtained from many retail outlets. Each poster is supplied in film front cello-bags and despatched flat in card envelopes to avoid curl and arrive in pristine condition.
The Railway Signal Dictionary (Classic Reprint)
by: Railway Signal Association
publisher: Forgotten Books, published: 2017-04-12
ASIN: 1330639006
price: £13.85 (new), £15.21 (used)
Excerpt from The Railway Signal Dictionary Railway signaling is a comparatively new art, and a rapidly growing one, so that its nomenclature is unsettled and its practices varied; and numerous changes of a somewhat radical nature are still going on. The development of scientific signaling, as distinguished from the earlier and empirical methods of controlling the movements of railway trains, has proceeded from a curious combination of motives; in some cases, from the enterprise of trained men, in others from a pressing necessity due to expansion of business, and in still others to the force of public opinion, both the public and the railway officer being sometimes actuated by injudicious haste. That we are not yet out of the transition state is no cause for surprise. In making a signaling dictionary the very first step calls for arbitrary action. Hand-motion signaling, with or without the use of flags and lanterns, is excluded, because those features have no need of the services of the signal engineer. A "slow-board" is a fixed signal, but the signal engineer scarcely gives it a thought. On the other hand, automatic bells at highway crossings logically do not come under the head of railway signals, for they do not directly affect the movement of trains; but the signal engineer does take cognizance of this class, because it requires skilled attention and is usually put in his charge. In fixed signals, which constitute the subject of this work, American railway officers often make a distinction which is wholly arbitrary and, in most cases, useless - that between interlocking signals and block signals. The function of a signal being clearly stated, the English nomenclature, ignoring this distinction, is entirely adequate. But to make each collection of drawings complete in itself, we recognize this distinction; and the reader will find under the two different heads - different illustrations showing semaphore signals exactly alike. Other uses of words are inexact, yet n
Railway Junction Diagrams, 1915
by: Railway Clearing House
publisher: David & Charles, published: 1969-09
ASIN: 0715343475
sales rank: 1940431
price: £11.99 (used)
This is a reprint of a book originally published in 1915 which shows the demarcation points between the different railway companies at junction in the British Isles.
The Railway Magazine: Vol. 93: January to December 1947
by: The Railway Magazine
publisher: Railway Magazine, published: 1947
sales rank: 2036597
price: £12.95 (used)
The Railway Magazine: Vol. 103: January to December 1957
by: The Railway Magazine
publisher: Railway Magazine, published: 1957
sales rank: 2172166
price: £41.24 (used)
Manual of Recommended Practice for Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way: Containing the Definitions, Specifications and Principles of Practice ... and Maintenance of Way Association
by: American Railway Engineerin Association
publisher: Forgotten Books, published: 2017-04-20
ASIN: 1332269176
price: £8.66 (new), £1.91 (used)
Excerpt from Manual of Recommended Practice for Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way: Containing the Definitions, Specifications and Principles of Practice Adopted and Recommended by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association At the Fifth Annual Convention of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association, held at Chicago in March, 1904, it was decided to publish a Manual of the Recommended Definitions, Specifications and Principles of Practice for Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Work adopted by the Association at its conventions after due consideration of reports on the various subjects submitted by standing or special committees of the Association. Owing to the importance and weight that should be justly attributed to the deliberate and carefully expressed opinion of an Association comprising prominent railway officials and specialists in the various classes of work and duties connected with the location, construction, maintenance and operation of railroads, and the influence that this publication will undoubtedly have on railway engineering and maintenance of way work in this country, the Board of Direction has exercised particular care to include in the Manual only such matter as has been carefully and sufficiently considered by the Association prior to its adoption by vote at the annual conventions so as to warrant its publication in this Manual as the practice recommended by the Association. The Manual will be supplemented or issued annually after each annual convention and kept up-to-date by such additions and revision of previously published matter as may be decided on by the Association at each convention, working under special rules governing the publication of the Manual. The action of the Association in adopting and publishing definitions, specifications and principles of practice is in the nature of recommendations only and not binding on its members or railway companies. It is distinctly wi
Midland Railway System Maps: Leeds to Leicester and Branches, Derby to Manchester and Branches, Cheshire Lines v. 2: The Distance Diagrams
by: Midland Railway
publisher: P.Kay, published: 1998-02
ASIN: 1899890173
sales rank: 1996920
price: £107.56 (new), £8.50 (used)
Great Western Railway Rules and Regulations, 1905
by: Great Western Railway
publisher: Ian Allan Publishing, published: 1994-05-26
ASIN: 0711022593
sales rank: 1443988
price: £50.98 (new), £0.01 (used)
Rules and Regulations, hardback
Midland Railway System Maps, Vol. 6: The Gradient Diagrams: The Gradient Diagrams v. 6
by: Midland Railway
publisher: P.Kay, published: 1999-04
ASIN: 1899890289
sales rank: 535460
price: £40.00 (new), £37.60 (used)
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