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Accidents on Railways: Published by Order of the Board of Directors of the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company, for Distribution Amongst the Company's Servants, November, 1840 (Classic Reprint)
by: Manchester and Leeds Railway Company
publisher: Forgotten Books, published: 2017-07-25
ASIN: 0282589317
sales rank: 1307427
price: £9.59 (new)
The National Railway Collection
by: National Railway Museum
publisher: Collins, published: 1988-04-05
ASIN: 0002182157
sales rank: 1302804
price: £19.99 (new), £0.28 (used)
Through the Window: The Great Western Railway from Paddington to Penzance 1924
by: Great Western Railway
publisher: Old House, published: 2008-01-01
ASIN: 187359075X
sales rank: 380474
price: £15.98 (used)
Through the Window This book was first published by the Great Western Railway in 1924 to enhance the enjoyment of passengers on the 305 mile journey from Paddington to Penzance. Maps, line drawings and information about the towns and villages describe the glorious countryside of southern England that could be seen from the windows of The Cornish Riviera Express. Full description
The Great Western Railway Map 1924 (Paddington to Penzance)
by: Great Western Railway
publisher: Old House, published: 2010-01-01
ASIN: 1873590865
sales rank: 1623852
price: £7.99 (new)
Great Western Railway Siphons: An Account of Vehicles Built for Milk Traffic on the Gwr (Pendragon Books)
by: Jack N. Slinn
publisher: Atlantic Transport Publishers, published: 1986-12-31
ASIN: 0906899605
sales rank: 821370
price: £58.75 (used)
A detailed account of the rolling stock used by the Great Western Railway Co to transport milk from the country to the cities.
Great Western Railway Rules and Regulations, 1905
by: Great Western Railway
publisher: Ian Allan Publishing, published: 1994-05-26
ASIN: 0711022593
sales rank: 1413100
price: £2.27 (used)
Rules and Regulations, hardback
British Railways Mark 1 Coaches (Pendragon Books)
by: Keith Parkin
publisher: Atlantic Transport Publishers, published: 1991-11-29
ASIN: 0906899494
sales rank: 821836
price: £41.94 (used)
235pp heavily illustrated with line drawings, and b&w and colour photos. Plenty of text.
Railway mechanical engineer
by: Railway Mechanical Engineer
published: 2015-11-04
sales rank: 891498
Railway mechanical engineer. 820 Pages
Pre-grouping Railway Junction Diagrams, 1914
by: Railway Clearing House
publisher: Ian Allan Ltd, published: 1982-10
ASIN: 0711012563
sales rank: 943859
price: £4.48 (used)
Full colour facsimile reprint - a fascinating time capsule. 158pp, all maps, plus index.
The National Railway Museum
by: National Railway Museum
publisher: Jarrold and Sons [for] the Museum, published: 1975
ASIN: 0853066191
sales rank: 696913
price: £1.73 (used)
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